Valeting Service

Prices start from @25 for an exterior valet. Please enquire for custom packages to suit you.

Valeting Prices

Here you will find a list of my prices for mobile car valeting in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Price varies depending on the size of the vehicle being cleaned


From £25
  • Vacuumed and dressed (Interior)
  • Pre wash
  • Washed and dried
  • Windows cleaned
  • Tyres and trims dressed
  • Up to 1hr 30mins
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From £65
  • As per Standard
  • Air freshener
  • Snow foam wash and dry
  • Tar and glue removal
  • Polished and waxed
  • Up to 4hrs 30mins


From £75
  • As per Full Valet
  • Fully cleaned
  • Windows cleaned and coated
  • Show wax
  • Up to 9hrs 30mins


Wet Vacuum
From £15

Wet vacuum of interior of the vehicle

From £15
Dog or Pet Hair Removal
From £15

Removing the animal hair from inside of the vehicle

From £15
Paint Correction
Price on Application

Paint correction using various methods such as clay bar and compounds to remove scratches and swirls from the vehicle paintwork

Price on Application
Ceramic Coating
Price on application

Protect the look and shine of your vehicle by having your car ceramic coated by a professional. Protecting the shine from everyday dirt and grime, making it easier to clean and prolong the look of your pride and joy. This takes 2-3 days to complete.

Price on application
Windows sealed and coated
Price on application

Sealing your window and having them coated prevents beading and fogging.

Price on application
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